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Updated: Feb 18

There are many reasons for repair costs to be high these days. One of the more obvious reasons is inflation, which raises the cost of everything. We have seen price increases on average 2-3 times per year since 2020, from our AC equipment suppliers. Usually around 6-8 Percent !, per increase. This has raised our cost of purchasing a new AC system approximately $800-1200 dollars. Wages are higher than ever. Finding and retaining good, qualified technicians is a constant concern for A/C and appliance service companies. Once hired, a technician has to be equipped with a truck, tools, uniforms, parts inventory, Freon, etc.

Then, a business must have liability insurance. In addition, workmen's compensation insurance is required by most states. This protects both the employee and the business, in case of an injury.  Then, for each truck a company owns, there is the cost of gasoline, repairs and maintenance, Insurance, and truck signage.  

Any technical business must stay on top of ever-changing technology, new manufacturer designs, EPA requirements, government regulations, etc. So, technical training classes periodically are needed to stay up to date on new unit designs and government EPA regulations.  Licensing must be renewed every two years.  Bonds must be renewed.  (Always make sure you use a Licensed Contractor!)

Finally, don't forget the expense of paying for office support staff, phones, advertising, building rent, electricity, and accounting services.  This doesn't even include providing employees with health insurance, a 401 k or other benefits, etc.  The list of expenses for being in business these days is enormous.

So, the business must charge enough, at a minimum, to at least break even; otherwise, they won't stay in business for long, let alone make a profit.  Which, of course, is the reason you go into business.

So, I just have to laugh when I see a competitor advertising a ridiculously low service call or tune up such as $19.95 or $29.95.  I know that the unsuspecting homeowner/customer will be sold a bill of goods.  Most of these companies have turned their technicians into glorified salespeople because they are losing money the second they come to your door! Don't be fooled!  They have to make a sale whether they find a failure or not. If your HVAC system or unit is 10 years or older expect them to recommend replacing your AC-Heating unit, or adding a start assist kit for the compressor.  Or they might recommend a surge protector or a coil cleaning is needed, etc. You get the picture!

Be smart, don't get scammed by a low price come on!  There are honest companies out there.  Get a referral from someone you trust.  An honest company such as A-Quality Refrigeration offers discounts when they can, but we will never do a high-pressure sales job on you.  We offer fair and reasonable rates.  We want to keep you as a satisfied customer for many years to come.

Mark DeMichele, Owner

A-Quality Refrigeration Inc.



Licensed, Bonded, Insured

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